“I enjoy the therapy class. It helps me very much, speech therapy help me to cordon age my memory writing speech and physical therapy helps me a lot to walk and lose weight. It’s a good program.”

– Emma W.

“In therapy it’s like family, they work together as a team. They make my body mine, muscles feel great. My greatest moment in therapy was me walking without any help.”

– Yvette G.

“They are the best PT and OT. When I think I am unable to do something they will stop me to say no you are resilient. They let me know when I’m good or bad. I am respected and I respect them. I wish I could take them home. Because I’ll be dancing by the summer.”

-Rosa C.

“I think therapy is a great thing. It’s teaching me how to walk and how to increase my steps. Through my progress I am 100% satisfied. I have a very good instructors who have a lot of patience.”

-Lena R.

“The staff of rehab is the best. Angelica is the best. Therapists, and the crew are professional. Thank you.”

– Charles W.

“I find speech therapy very helpful. It helps me to know what’s sore or not to do. OT helps me strengthen my arms and makes me more confident to do things more in my own.  PT helps me to get strength in my knees and walk better. I feel the strength in my arms and my legs.”

– Carolyn J.

“I came a long ways. I’ll admit I was in bad shape when I got here. And I made fantastic recovery since then. My team worked with me every day and I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without them. They helped me walk, use the eights safety and the machines. I can also write think and remember. I can also put thoughts together. I appreciate you all so much.”

– David H.

“My experience here with allure has been very good. I find the staff to be very patient and informative. I enjoy coming to therapy and look forward to it daily. I enjoy using the equipment. My first time in a rehab facility.”

– Joe G.

“I think care and treatment was very good. The people were very good as well.”

– Ellie C.

“I would be in a bad situation if Harlem center did help me. My foot is better because of everyone at Harlem center. I enjoy being in therapy. Nurses and doctors also helped me a lot.”

– Mary W.

“When I came to Harlem center I was very sick. They helped me to get better. Now I can walk and do things by myself because of their hard work. I thank all of them for helping me out.”

– Carolyn S.

“Therapy has been good for me because it helps my body and helps me think better. I can express myself better. Therapy is going to help me go home and be okay.”

– Susan S.

“The therapy was very helpful with my walking and my balance it helped with my confidence as well.”

– Jethier H.

“They do the best they can helping me get stronger they are great therapists and very caring. They listen to my needs. Therapy is the best part of being in this facility.”

– Margaret W.

“The rehab taught me valuable techniques to apply to my life going forward. I gained knowledge of different things to exercises that I would continue to do after I leave here.”

– Donald W.

“I like being in speech therapy because it helps me recall proper word usage, through word association and memory aids. I learned to remember words and that helps me to express myself.”

– Betty F.

“Experienced very good help with all necessary work need to accomplish this goal I had. Physical therapists were very very good.”

– Samuel F.

“I like the food that is provided and all the staff treats me well.  I enjoy the various activities that is presented it makes me feel so good, I feel like I’m home.”

– Edna W.

“I really needed to get back to myself and they helped me everyday. I did better walked and talked and how to live.”

– David A.

“The staff had a lot of determination during my rehab and patience. I was finally able to go home.”

– Dorothy S.

“A lot of days I didn’t feel like coming to the gym but everyone especially Alina and everyone else too! I had a good experience here and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else but here.”

– Alma G.